Manchester City Vs Liverpool 4 – 0 – (Full Time)

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool will accept and appreciate a Guard of Honour from Manchester City before the sides compete at the Etihad this week.

City’s defeat at Chelsea last time out in the Premier League confirmed Liverpool as champions, and Pep Guardiola confirmed after the game that his side would honour the tradition that sees clubs applaud newly-crowned champions onto the pitch.

Speaking ahead of the game, Klopp said he could not recall receiving such a gesture before, and while Liverpool don’t expect it, they will appreciate the move from City and their players.

“I am not sure if I’ve ever had one, long ago in Germany,” Klopp told reporters.

“An English tradition and it is a nice gesture. I wouldn’t need it as we want to play football and don’t celebrate but again it’s nice. That is it.”

Klopp then expanded on his relationship with Guardiola, echoing the City manager’s statements that the pair are not close, but have plenty of respect for each other.

He said of Guardiola: “He’s an exceptional guy. I really like the family and I respect him a lot. We usually don’t have contact over the season. He’s a competitor and wants to win and accepts when he has lost. I had to learn (about losing) that more often than him. It will not change him or me.”

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