Should A Lady Marry A Man With No Job?

Well, the simple answer anybody will give is a resounding NO….but should a man marry a lady who has no job?… I guess that is a norm but wait for this…what if a lady marries a man with a job and then the man losses the job afterward?…will she leave him?…. Now you thinking…

Don’t get it twisted…it makes no sense for any man to go into marriage without a job or a means of livelihood especially when a man’s potential is harder to see than the number of commas on his bank statement forgetting the fact that wealth acquisition is progressive, a continuum aided by hard work and determination…

I strongly believe that the reason why there is so much emphasis on a man’s financial status as a criterion for marital suitability is because of the financial dependence mindset of many ladies on their men. In my opinion, when it comes to making money, there is no weaker sex hence I see nothing wrong with a lady who has a job or means of livelihood getting married to her man even if he has no job at that point in time…Job will always come and there is no guaranty that the one who has a job won’t lose it.

A lady who finds it cool dating a man that has no job and happily performs wifely duties for him should not have issues with marrying the same man? Simply have a low key wedding and work hard together with him to build finances before making babies rather than allow yourself to be used as an intimacy gadget by the ”jobless guy”.

Ladies have equal opportunity to be financially independent just as the men and every lady must strive to be financially independent so that she can be with any man of her choice rather than marry a man simply because he is financially capable and also avoid using a job which can be there today and be gone tomorrow or financial status which is subject to change as a yardstick to being with any man.

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